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The Challenge

After decades of market leadership, the Two Trees commercial team found itself facing not only a completely new type of competitor —coworking spaces —but a target consumer with an entirely new set of standards and understanding of worklife balance.

The Approach

  • Strategy: An intensive internal and external review to define our primary target and understand how to reach him or her.

  • SEO: An organic search strategy to overcome one of Two Trees’ major issues — a complete lack of Google ranking — and to gather search data that could shape our creative.

  • Website: Redesign the commercial pages to better capture and convert leads.

  • Creative: Build an engaging, educational campaign that will transform an uncertain consumer base into renters.

  • CRM: Provide the leasing team with a back-end system that can simplify lead management across properties and allow for leasing process analysis.

  • Email Marketing: Using our increase in capture leads, build and deploy an email marketing campaign that will keep Two Trees front-of-mind.

  • Analytics: Measure, measure, measure, and refine.


  • 115% Increase in organic traffic to the website

  • 400% Increase in overall search visibility, pushing us above our competitors

  • Exceeded targeted leads by 44%

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